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SR A1A ( Collins Avenue ) Resurfacing and Drainage from 5th Street

to Lincoln Road, Miami Beach Florida

Florida Department of Transportation
District 6


Ivan Hay, P.E.
Resident Engineer North Dade Construction
1173 NE 205th Street
North Miami Beach, FL 33179
Phone Number (305)640-7114
Fax Number (305) 640-7145
Email Address Ivan.hay@dot.state.fl.us


Office Performed From:
Tamayo Engineering, LLC.
Alton Road Field Office



Total Project Value:

Dollar value $7 M

Summary of Project

CEI and contract administration of the above mentioned roadway reconstruction project along the corridor in the City of Miami Beach. This project consists of the resurfacing of a 2~lane section of SR A1A. The scope of work included asphalt resurfacing, signalization improvements, pedestrian facility improvements, lighting, drainage, landscaping, irrigation, signing and pavement markings.

Our Experience on this project is directly relevant to the West End Avenue Bridge Project in the following ways

Relevant Project Features