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Tamayo Engineering is a State of Florida Licensed Engineering Firm - Certificate of Authorization No. 27767.

Tamayo Engineering is qualified by the Florida Department of Transportation to perform the following types of work:

Group 4 Highway Design - Bridges


8888 4.1.1 Miscellaneous Structure


8888 4.1.2 Minor Bridge Design


Group 7 Traffic Operations Design

8888 7.1 Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization

Group 10 Construction Engineering Inspections

8888 10.1 Roadway Construction Engineering Inspection

8888 10.3 Construction Materials Inspection

8888 10.3 Minor Bridge and Miscellaneous Structures CEI

Tamayo Engineering is a Certified State of Florida Department of Transportation Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).

Tamayo Engineering is qualified by Miami-Dade County to perform work in Category 17.00 - Engineering Construction Management.

Tamayo Engineering is certified by Miami-Dade County Office of Small Business Development as a Community Business Enterprise (CBE) in Categories:

8888 • Engineering Construction Management
8888 • Engineering Services

Tamayo Engineering is certified by the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority as a Local Business.